Mnogo drugih slika impresioniralo je i suce – a najbolje od njih sastavljene su u knjizi koju je objavio William Collins.

Knjiga na 256 stranica prikazuje najupečatljivije slike iz konkurencije i sadrži priče iza slika, kao i sve tehničke informacije o fotoaparatu.

TV voditelj i glavni sudac Chris Packham rekao je: „Pobijediti u ovom takmičenju je sve teže. I to bi trebalo biti tako jer se fotografija razvija brže nego ikad. “

Ispod možete pogledati slike koje su bile u konkurenciji i uvjeriti se da su suci imali jako težak zadatak.

This image of a Eurasian hoopoe, taken in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, earned German photographer Thomas Hinsche the best portfolio prize

This picture was also in Thomas Hinsche's winning portfolio. It shows the moment a cormorant snagged a dwarf catfish in a national park in Hungary

Another superb image from Thomas Hinsche, this time of a black-crowned night heron

Thomas Hinsche took this picture of a buzzard in Saxony-Anhalt. He said: 'A wonderfully soft light prevailed on this cold December morning and I was able to photograph this scene while lying hidden in a bush'

Thomas Hinsche took this image on the island of Helgoland. He said: 'Often birds do not tolerate a close approach and this prevents impressive photos being taken. On Helgoland, however, the intimate nature of the place and the obliging birds can make for special encounters. Here this splendid drake eider's flank feathers have been caught and ruffled by a tailwind'

Bence Máté from Hungary received an honourable mention in the bird behaviour category for this picture of great white egrets. He said he had been planning to shoot the creatures in the snow for more than 10 years

Indian photographer Yashodhan Bhatia received an honourable mention in the garden and urban birds category for this image of rosy starlings at the Ujni Dam in Maharashtra, India. A slow shutter speed was used 'to create a feeling of movement'

This image was taken in the Brazilian state of Maranhão and earned Canadian Mark Peck an honourable mention in the birds in the environment category. He said: 'As a thunderstorm threatened, I headed back to our shorebird research camp before the rain hit. Each day, the local fishermen would ride their bikes out to the shore and check their nets at low tide. Any fish caught would be placed in the baskets and then the bikes would be placed over the top to protect them from birds that were also fishing in the area. In this case, a great white egret patiently waits for the fisherman to return with his catch while a sanderling goes about his business'

Mesmerising: This image of Eurasian starlings in the Negev Desert in Israel earned UK photographer Chris Gomersall an honourable mention in the garden and urban birds category

Jozsef Gergely, from Serbia, shot this picture of a grey heron in his home country and received a silver award in the bird behaviour category for it. It was taken at a fish farm. Jozsef said: 'As you can imagine, the abundance of corralled fish acts like a magnet for fish-eating birds such as the grey heron. This particular individual caught my eye. Despite its size and bulk it was doing an extremely good job balancing on one of the fishing nets'

This picture of a common kingfisher was a silver award winner in the best portrait category and was snapped at a bus stop in Hertfordshire by Briton Ben Andrew. He said: 'This image of a bold young Kingfisher was taken during the winter months. The bird spent time in the middle of a town centre, fishing around ornamental water gardens that are surrounded by shops, roads and a car park. The kingfisher regularly spent time perched on railings waiting to plunge into the water below. This spot was right next to the bus stop, so I positioned myself looking along the railings and waited for a bus to arrive. Luckily the buses in the town are blue, perfectly matching the Kingfisher's plumage. So it was just a matter of waiting and hoping a bus came along with its lights on while the bird was sitting there!'

The Young Bird Photographer of the Year silver award went to American Madeline Nolan for this picture of a rufous hummingbird in Colorado

Beak condition: Nikunj Patel from the U.S landed a gold award in the birds in flight category for this image of a black skimmer in New Jersey

This image of emperor penguins in Antarctica was taken by UK photographer Martin Grace, who earned a gold award in the inspirational encounters category for it. He said: 'I shot a few images then put the camera away, and for 15 minutes it was just me, the emperors and heaven'

Ariel Fields from Israel took this picture of a little owl and earned a young bird photographer of the year bronze award

Snack attack: A great white pelican opens wide for a fish at London zoo. This image earned Peruvian photographer Pedro Jarque Krebs an honourable mention in the creative imagery category

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