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MORSKA ČUDOVIŠTA: Pogledajte misteriozna stvorenja iz najvećih morskih dubina

Ovog ribara sa sjevera Rusije sad prati više od 360 hiljada ljudi, a kako raste broj pratitelja, tako se povećava i njegova aktivnost na Instagramu.

Roman ribu lovi u Murmansku na krajnjem sjeveru Rusije, a njegova uobičajena lovina su “normalne” ribe poput bakalara, no nerijetko u svojoj mreži nađe puno čudnija stvorenja koja rijetko imamo priliku vidjeti.  

A Stoplight Loosejaw fish

This sea anemone gives the illusion of having two huge eyes

This deep-sea horror, apparently a Viperfish, is among the collection of marine freaks. Viperfish, whose serpent-like body measures one to two feet in length (30-60cm) use a luminescent lure to attract prey up to their own size, which they spear with their needle-like teeth before swallowing whole

This anglerfish is one of the deep-sea monsters caught by the Russian trawler. The anglerfish uses a glowing lure, seen here protruding from its mouth, to attract prey in the darkness of its deapwater habitat. Its jaws and stomach can extend to swallow prey twice its own size

Frilling! This frilled shark shows its unusual teeth. The species has been called a'living fossil' since it shows features of primitive fossil sharks, including a mouth at the front of its head. Its slender, eel-like body can grow to six feet (2m) long

A wolffish, a species that lives on the continental shelf to depths of 2,000 feet (600m), where they eat shellfish that they crush with their strong canine and molar teeth

Another wolffish, also known as the sea wolf. Some species grow to over six feet (2m) in length

This Sunfish, or Mola, may be the largest sea creature landed by the Russian trawler. These huge fish, found far out to sea near the surface, can grow to up to 15 feet (4.5m) and weigh up to 5,000lb (2,300kg)

Alien? This sea creature looks like the'facehugger' from Ridley Scott's Science Fiction film Alien

This toad-like fish is among the odd-looking sea creatures trawled up in the trawler's nets

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov shows off a jade-coloured fish caught in the nets of his trawler

A king crab, one of many sea monsters

A squid caught in the nets of the Murmansk-based Russian trawler

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